New Waste Regulations 2014

New Waste Regulations 2014

New Waste Regulations are coming into effect on 1st January 2014. All businesses, large or small will be required by law to recycle plastic, metal, glass, paper and card. Most food businesses will also br required to present their food waste for separate collection.

Scotland currently pays around £95 million in landfill taxes to throw away recyclable materials with an estimated value of £97 million! Auditing waste streams often pinpoints easy ways to reduce waste costs.

The Scottish Government is ambitious to drive positive change. Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan from June 2010 sets clear targets. These were introduced to specifically address the recycling targets outlined in the plan, in particular the long term target of 70% recycling for all waste in Scotland by 2025.

Zero Waste means reducing the unnecessary use of raw materials; re-using products where possible and recovering value from products when they reach the end of their lives either through recycling, composting or energy recover. – Scottish Government

At Lowmac, we are preparing for the new Waste Regulations coming into effect and taking all the necessary steps to ensure we and our clients remain compliant. We will be posting more information, advice and tips for businesses to follow and get ready for the new Regulations.

If you have questions, require help or would like to get information about a service please contact us on 01294 273 748!


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